A PROVEN Value-Based Model for Discerning Providers

Meeting the Universal Challenges of Value-Based Care

Today’s independent physicians face a complex and inhospitable healthcare landscape. New payment models built to drive quality care are unfavorable to lone providers, purposely encouraging the need to operate under an alliance such as an Accountable Care Organization. And, as providers struggle to build (or join) viable ACO models, they face the same challenges.

Managing Risk

Value-based success demands risk adoption. Taking on risk unprepared is disastrous for providers and ACOs.

Cash Flow and Capital

Shared Savings Models only pay once a year and only if you beat risk. How do you eat the remainder of the year?

Managing Chronic Patients

20% of your patients take 80% of our time and still we can’t keep them well enough to stay home and avoid the ER. How do you find time for other patients who need you?

Quality & Reporting Complexities

You can do 100% of the work and not get paid—or worse, get penalized—if your quality metrics and reporting lag.

Technology and Data Integration

How do you get divergent technology and data to work together in a sustainable way?

Siloed Labs and Ancillaries

70% of encounters depend on lab data. Are your labs and ancillary partners on the same page? Do they go the extra mile to serve the best interest of your patients and practice?

These issues are the same for all providers in today’s healthcare reality. It doesn’t matter where you are, what your model or what other providers are around you. The way you approach these issues will mean the difference between long-term, sustainable success and organizational failure.

Epione Healthcare eliminates fragmentation and uncertainty with one, holistic package that solves every major challenge to ramping up and prospering in a world of accountable care.

Your Blueprint is the Whole Battle

Most ACOs fail because they don’t have an adequate blueprint when they begin, and there is little to no margin for error to learn as you go. You need the right plan, programs, partners, infrastructure, and capital from the start. Epione Healthcare offers providers a new approach for success under the complexities of value-based care, delivering everything you need to start building value-based care success with your first step.

We’ve taken care of the quality-care learning curve for you

We connect you with first-rate, like-minded partners

We seamlessly integrate award-winning technology with your workflow

We’ve built and refined
utilization and practice management programs 
that work

We’ve cracked the 
HEDIS code, streamlining 
quality data collection 
and reporting for you

We open doors for your expanded success under
Medicare Advantage and
commercial ACOs

Whether you are starting an ACO, looking to improve existing ACO performance or would like to increase profit and growth under other lines of business, Epione can help.

Who We Are

Epione is built on an alliance of some of the most effective organizations in healthcare today.  Each contributes to an unbeatable whole.

Wiseman’s Healthcare Technology Suite* is one of the most sought-after healthcare technology solutions in the marketplace It works with every major EMR system to meet quality gaps and help physicians work smarter, not harder.

*Wiseman Technology Suite is fully owned by Wiseman Innovation LLC, an independent technology company based out of Carrolton, Texas. Premier PPHC has been accorded the right to use the Licensed Technology for a mutually accepted term period. The license term implicitly or explicitly accords no ownership rights over the technology and does not allow the licensee to carry out derivative or transformative work. Licensed Technology means any and all technology that is owned or controlled by Wiseman Innovation LLC as of the Effective Date which includes 360 Platform®, 360 DeepLearn®, 360 Ribbon®, 360 Care Manager®, 360 PatientTouch®, 360 BI, 360 E-Capture

Success Story: Premier Patient Healthcare

The Epione model has been an integral part of Premier Patient Healthcare ACO’s strategy. Thanks to our integrated approach, Premier has grown year-over-year, generating over $50.8M in shared savings in their first 3 years under MSSP. 

Visit premierphc.com for more of the story.

Provider Resources

Visit the Premier Management website for provider resources, and for contract specific resources email: engage@epione-healthcare.com

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